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 I'm Bea.

Focus on running your business. 

Leave the writing to me.

About me


I was born in Caracas, Venezuela but moved to Newton, Massachusetts when I was eleven.


I attained a bachelor’s degree in Business from Boston College.


I worked for many years for a telecommunications company, setting up computer labs in low income schools. My job consisted of getting big companies to donate the hardware, software, and internet connection to the schools as well as overseeing the assembly of the labs in situ.

Next, I was hired by a real estate management firm to determine and execute the best alternative for a commercial space located at street level. As a team we redesigned the commercial space, created the brand, bought the POS and security hardware and software, hired and trained twenty-eight employees, and wrote the business manuals.

While working at the real estate firm, I received a Master’s in Art from Middlebury College's Bread Loaf School of English.


Since then, I’ve transition from business administration to freelance writing completely.

After Bread Loaf I moved to Rochester, Vermont for a year, where I was hired by Inner Traditions, a publishing house devoted exclusively to the subjects of spirituality, the occult, ancient mysteries, new science, holistic health, and natural medicine. I evaluated the Spanish translations of 75 titles, wrote catalog copy for manuscripts, blog posts for the company’s website, short and medium marketing descriptions and chose the extracts for books.

I recently completed a course offered by AWAI called verified Badges, through which I've mastered digital marketing services ranging from add inserts, email campaigns, and funnels to SEO. 

My business background combined with my literary M.A. makes content and copywriting a great fit for me. My marketing copy is clear, concise and captivating. My writing is rich, because of my fluency in Spanish and English, but conversational. I am objective-oriented and have never missed a deadline.

Right now, I split my time between Caracas, Venezuela, Boca Raton, Florida, and Rochester, Vermont. I am happily married and am mother of two girls. I am a voracious reader, which is why my favorite work is writing the back-cover descriptions of unpublished titles.


My latest project is getting more people hooked on reading. To do so I’ve started an IG account called @stoptoread where I highlight inspiring tid bits in books. My book reviews and literary recommendations are on my blog!

Content writer, copywriter, translator, and incurable bookworm.


Content Writing​

Content writing is any writing that offers valuable insights of a person, product, service, company, etc. with the aim of exciting interest and building trust between the company (or person) and its potential clients. This includes the vision, mission, values of the company, as well as newsletters, blog posts, product or service descriptions,  and scripts for how-to videos and webinars. 


Copywriting is text that advertises and markets the product or service the company has to offer. This includes online adds (ad inserts, PPC ads, banner ads and Facebook ads), email campaigns, lead generation landing pages, funnels, video scripts, SEO-rich content to draw traffic to website, and social media copywriting (in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn).


My translations are flawless because I aim to capture the message of the client in a way that resonates with the potential audience. Literal translations lack meaning and, oftentimes, confuse or miss the vision. Before I begin any translation I dive deep into the industry so that I can communicate passion and enthusiasm to the target audience with the right words.

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For more examples of my work contact me directly.




Manager at Inner Traditions

"Beatriz is intelligent, creative and hardworking, and most of all she cares about her work. Her enthusiasm for every project shines through in her writing. She meets every deadline, no matter how quick the turn-around time is."



Executive at Ron Carupano

Beatriz's translations of our history, premium rum descriptions, and tasting notes reflected deep industry research and mastery of terms. The jargon used read like print translated by a master rum blender and increased our traffic substantially. 



CEO at Shop Subibaja

"What started out as short product descriptions for Amazon sales, grew into an overhaul of the company's mission and vision, summer catalog product descriptions, as well as detailed writing guidelines for the future... all within the agreed deadlines."

Let's Work Together

Invest your time and efforts in running your business. Leave the writing to me.

Talk to you soon!

Boca Raton, Florida & Caracas, Venezuela

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