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Speaking to Angels

Until the age of twelve, Belinda Womack could communicate with angels. They were an integral part of her daily life, just like her parents or friends. They whispered in her ear how to create heaven on earth until the day Belinda chose to pursue the study of science in school and then as a career. It wasn’t long before the search for physical, palpable truth overpowered the low voices of the angels. The angels remained quiet for many years. Then, one day, working in a lab as a scientist, the archangel Gabriel appeared to Belinda. The visit was meant to remind her of the gift she had as a child, the ability to communicate with angels. She was at a crossroads in her life: would she continue her career as an up-and-coming scientist or would she dedicate her life to potentiating her gift? Two life choices in opposite directions.

Lessons from the Twelve Archangels is a compendium of Belinda’s communication with the angels. It is all the information the angels tell Belinda to help people heal, expand and create their heaven of earth. It is divided in three sections. The first section, called Angel Treasury, is a self-help guide divided in “books” which defines energy, God, heaven, earth, as well as the role of angels and humans in the big picture of the universe. The second section consists of 48 messages from the angels that address topics like anger, gratitude, parenting, Law of Attraction, etc. and offer applicable solutions. The third section consists of letters from the angels to remind us that we can call on them for help and guidance always, even if we don’t see them. Each book, message, and letter include a meditation/visualization that accelerates the healing and spiritual growth. Belinda closes with a detailed glossary that defines all the terms clearly. Lessons from the Twelve Archangels was authored by Belinda in collaboration with the Angels that speak through her and are the narrative voice of the book.

In Angel Treasury, I was struck by the simultaneous oneness and duality that exists within us. God is Energy. Energy is light and sound. Light is thought and Father; sound is emotion and Mother. Their divine love results in the physical creation.

Just like we have Father and Mother within, each one of us has both a wounded child, our Ego, as well as a divine child, our Heart. The wounded and divine are constantly trying to merge together. They are the best teachers. The wounded child knows what lessons we need to learn, the divine child what our heart desires. Together, they are the fountain of eternal youth within each person. They repair the past by bringing it back, with different faces and situations, until we reclaim our self-respect and exchange powerlessness for strength. They remind us that each of us co-created and designed this lesson plan before our reincarnation on Earth. Earth is a school room created by God to teach us humans, through duality, how to reintegrate and unify all our parts, and create heaven on earth within ourselves. This only happens when we know that we are Energy and one with God.

I call to me all that I need and desire that is for my greatest good and joy.

According to the angels, the chakras are the energy centers God and the angels use to communicate directly with us. God placed these energy dials in our bodies to show us where we need to concentrate to evolve. Our human vessel is spiritual, mental, emotional and physical all at the same time. Our vibrations, become feelings, then thoughts, then choices, and finally actions in the physical world. The angels describe the chakras as follows:

9. White light hangs above our head and is protection and purification of human vessel.

8. Orange light around the navel represents creativity and soul, connection to Oversoul.

7. Gold light in the solar plexus, under ribcage, represents power, ambition and confidence.

6. Turquoise light is combines heart and will, it represents our ability to manifest our dreams.

5. Green light at the heart represents love for yourself and then for others.

4. Sapphire blue light at the throat represents our connection and ability to express our truth.

3. Red light is at root of the body; it is the connection to Mother Earth and her abundance.

2. Purple light comes on the crown of the head, it represents our higher-self or spiritual body.

1. Fuchsia is third eye on forehead; it represents intuition/vision, connects spiritual to mental.

One of my favorite parts in Angel Treasury is how the angels define karma as unfinished business and karmic debt are the lessons we must learn during our time on earth. We reincarnate over and over until we have learned all the lessons and the will of our Ego is the same as our Heart and Soul. Everything is planned and happens to fulfill a bigger picture that only God and Angels can see. Growth and evolution happen when we surrender to the will of God and live in the present.

In section two, plenty of messages that resonated with me. Here are some examples:

· Gratitude is the fastest way to circumvent fear and destroy the illusion of separation.

· Divine love is taught through many vehicles and languages, explaining religions.

· Facing our shadow self means facing the fears that separates us from God.

· To rebuild our trust in God we can ask Angels for tangible evidence in our daily lives.

· To experience flow, we must open to joy, relinquish control, let go of the past. Put your limitations and past in a box and throw it in river.

· To manifest create with mind and heart the experiences before they happen. Picture them bathed in white light.

· Money absorbs and returns to giver the good or bad vibration of the intention.

· To increase wealth, face fear of scarcity and allow generosity of universe to enter your life.

· When you live as a child, vulnerable and without worry, you open door to Heaven within your heart.

· To enjoy the promised land, stop wanting, controlling, comparing, and judging ourselves. I am all I am, all I need, all I want. I am one with God.

· Death is a loving miracle of God because it ends suffering at every level. Embrace evolutionary change and transformation.

· To cure addiction face fear of abandonment, separation and emptiness.

The angels also offer sevens keys to success:

1. Listen to your heart

2. Stop making excuses and complaining (make a list and burn)

3. Receive what you give, balance Father and Mother

4. God is the source of your wealth (I am fame and fortune for the greatest good of all)

5. Express your creative talent and share gift with world

6. Allow others to be themselves and do their work

7. Ask for help throughout the day

One of the most eye-opening messages of the section is that the angels consider self-sacrifice for others detrimental because it is a denial of self, our feelings and a break in our connection to God. When self is neglected (for any reason), illness can overtake the emotional and physical bodies. It is the act of consciously and purposely blocking the energy from our heart, throat, third eye, solar plexus, and crown chakras. Restoration of our human vessel requires that we allow ourselves to feel and become filled with unconditional self-love. Similarly, as parents our purpose is to create a sacred space for our children to explore, discover, grow and connect with their God potential. A space to be cared for without giving anything in return.

To experience the influence of guardian angels around up, we must be open to long-awaited changes and actions that result in the greater good. The mediation asks us to name our fears, let them go, surrender to God’s will, and listen closely for the steps required to resolve the problem. Focus on the present without clinging to the past or predicting the future. Similarly, for the Law of Attraction to work, we need to wash away the illusions created by the Ego and shadow self. Ask for the miracle of feeling, knowing, speaking, and living your truth to manifest your dreams.

I attract, effortlessly, all I need to live my most joyful life now.

Conflicts with other people often represent an inner conflict between Ego and Heart/Soul within ourselves; what troubles you with you? Resolution comes from looking within to find the root of the problem: What do I need to change in my life? It could be as simple as walking away from the drama. Give the conflict a name, name people involved, describe it, and try to see it without emotions. The law of Inside/Out states that to pass all the tests in the school room of earth, move to higher consciousness and see the answers in front of you. Your belief system is expressed in your outer reality, pay attention so that you can change whatever brings you sorrow into what makes you happy, both inside and outside. Ask angels: What is missing?

The angels declare that the hardest lesson for humans to learn is that we are not allowed to make the choices for other people or to take responsibility for their choices. We show compassion by loving them without being drawn into their fear or drama, because they will continue to repeat the situation until they’ve learned the lesson.

The last section is to remind us that we are not alone, and we can call on angels around us all the times to help us learn the lessons in the school room of earth. When in crisis we can surrender to the will of the angels and ask: what do I need to learn here? Fear is here to teach us where and how each of us is giving our divine power away. What do you need to face/learn? Ask Angel Michael to help you see the truth and remember… when you are uncomfortable it is because change is right around the corner.

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